An event dedicated to the promotion of massive open educational courses (MOOC) developed through the Erasmus YNSPEED project was held at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak on June 15ht. The representatives of Baden, as one of the project partners, presented developed courses in the field of Artificial intelligence, Sustainable development, Fake news and Learning English using technology. The participants of this event are, in addition to the professors who worked on the development of the MOOC, young people aged 16 to 35 who will use the content through formal and/or informal education. The YNSPEED project brings together participants from Serbia, Romania, Poland, Cyprus and Spain, and the results of the project enable young people to develop new skills and acquire knowledge both about the mentioned fields and about the advantages of using teaching materials within MOOC. The YNSPEED project has entered the last month of implementation, and the results achieved through the developed MOOC courses will be freely available in the future.

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