• Education through professional and research seminars and summer schools to enable providing mastering skills and knowledge in the fields of e-learning and distance education,
  • Organization of professional lectures, trainings, symposiums and conferences with topics about e-learning and distance education
  • Promotion of distance learning through cooperation and participation on manifestations of domestic, regional and international importance, competitive, propaganda and commercial character,
  • Participation in realization of projects at national, regional and international level as well as in other fields which have the need for implementing this kind of education, independently  or collectively, applying at funds in the country and abroad,
  • Promoting and placing of innovative and creative professional and research solutions,
  • Carrying out commercially readymade solutions, individual courses or moderation services in the fields of e-learning and distance education,
  • Publishing activity from the primary and related fields which include application of e-learning techniques to realize their activities,
  • Creating and continual improvement of electronic knowledge basis from the fields of e-learning and distance education,
  • Promotion of the lifelong learning concept by applying e-learning and distance education,
  • Creating and realizing accredited programs for professional training of the employed in education.

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