• Development of informatics society in the region of Balkan through improving and promoting quality e-learning and distance education,
  • Modernization of education by promoting regional and international cooperation by connecting institutions and individuals as well as by exchange of information in the fields of e-learning and distance education,
  • Tuning into The European Higher Education Area (EHEA),
  • Raising the level of pedagogical and technical knowledge and skills in the fields of e-learning and distance learning,
  • Strengthening of educational and civil sector for successful application of e-learning and distance education,
  • Fostering and cherishing research spirit for further development of e-learning and distance education,
  • Strengthening of responsibility within pedagogic practice in the field of e- learning and distance education,
  • More effective employment and improvement of economic development,
  • Raising social awareness about the significance of e-learning and distance education in all aspects of formal and non-formal education
  • Fostering and strengthening of responsibility for individual development and improvement of status of smaller and wider communities through activities of protection human and minority rights, labor, racial and sex equality and right on life in healthy and ecologically safe environment.

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